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Exciting collaboration for February 2024 - February 2025 with Flirt Babes in Timisoara and Bucharest. Exclusive reality show concept developed by Flirt4Free. This partnership offers a unique opportunity to associate with an innovative brand and enjoy the benefits of an adult entertainment experience. By collaborating with us, you'll have access to an interactive and captivating virtual environment that redefines industry standards.

collaboration conditions

To become a part of this captivating concept Flirt Babes, we are looking for webcam models with a minimum experience of 3-6 months, confirmed and uninterrupted for up to one year. Openness to travel is crucial, as the Flirt Babes schedule for 2024-2025 will be announced. Collaboration is conducted legally, with PFA or SRL status.

As a condition of collaboration, models must be available to reside in the Flirt Babes Mansion in Timisoara for a minimum of 15 and a maximum of 30 days, depending on the location. This residence provides a 24/7 voyeur experience, adding a unique dimension to the world videochat..

working schedule

The working schedule involves a minimum commitment of 6 hours per day, for at least 5 days a week. The shifts are scheduled from Tuesday to Saturday, within the time frame of 22:00 to 10:00 the next morning. These conditions ensure a balanced flexibility, allowing models to integrate into Flirt Babes programme. At the same time, we provide an authentic and engaging experience for the audience.


Participating to Flirt Babes Party, broadcasted on the Flirt4Free platform, is a crucial component of our collaboration. It involves a minimum presence of 2-3 hours at each party, held weekly. Additionally, models will have the opportunity to engage in Tips Battle competitions. These will be organized either monthly or daily, following the established schedule. Moreover, they will also have the chance to participate in the Calendar Scheduled Shows on Flirt4Free.

It is crucial for models to have intermediate to advanced English language skills and to present a pleasant physical appearance to align with our quality standards. To ensure a mutually beneficial collaboration, there will be an evaluation period lasting 7-14 days, including a work trial. This process is essential to guarantee the potential and professionalism of each model before signing the contract with LCM/Flirt Babes.

ofertă de colaborare

The allocated percentage for credit conversion is 50%, with a benchmark of 33%, equivalent to 16.5%. To qualify for the maximum percentage of 50%, models must achieve a minimum of 60 hours within a 14-day period on Flirt4Free platform. In case the number of hours falls below 60 during this period, a penalty of -5% is applied.

For consistent content and to maintain the maximum percentage, models need to provide a daily video and photo, along with a minimum of 10 videos and 10 photos over the course of 14 days. If these requirements are not met, the participation percentage will decrease by 5%.

At the end of each 14-day period, payment will be processed every Tuesday. This occurs three weeks after the conclusion of the period, following the rules established by the Flirt4Free platform. 

minimum guaranteed income

Flirt Babes model beneficiază de ofertă de colaborare excelentă, un venit minim garantat lunar în valoare de $5000. În cadrul unui contract extins pe o perioadă de 12 luni, asigurându-i-se astfel o sumă totală garantată de $60000. Plățile sunt efectuate în funcție de procent, devenind disponibile după un interval de 3 săptămâni de la încheierea unei perioade. Plățile se fac pe baza unui raport detaliat și a facturii fiscale corespunzătoare.

To assess performance, a reference framework is employed, consisting of 6 F4F periods (each lasting 14 days). The aim is to reach a minimum threshold of 420 cumulative online hours. If this objective is achieved, the sum is adjusted to ensure the model has earned $15,000. The guaranteed bonus is recalibrated in the 7th period, considering the results obtained in the preceding 6 periods.


To illustrate the functioning, let's take a Flirt Babes model as an example. The model records cumulative earnings or payments of $12,000 over the 6 periods, excluding bonuses or prizes. In this scenario, the sum will be supplemented to reach $15,000, meaning an additional $3,000. It's crucial to emphasize that the minimum guaranteed bonus remains unaffected if the percentage target is not achieved. This can occur due to a shortfall in hours or content delivery during the 14-day work period.

ofertă de colaborare

Each model has the chance to win weekly prizes ranging from $300 to $500, depending on the weekly theme. The model with the most valuable private show or the highest guest conversion is rewarded. Bonuses and prizes from promotions or contests on Flirt4Free are calculated with a 70% share, excluding the percentage from credit conversion (50%).

Throughout the contract duration, models have the opportunity to receive additional sums from various options. Examples include LCM partnerships, content-related earnings, and other possibilities like a percentage from affiliate programs, fan shop sales, fleshlight, etc.

other conditions

If a model is selected for a 7-day Flirt Babes trip, the percentage does not decrease unless they fail to reach the calculated hour difference, i.e., 30 hours. LCM covers travel and accommodation costs, excluding meals, provided only during organized events with dining options.

For U.S. visas, Flirt4Free sends special invitations to Flirt Babes models for expos or summits. The model bears the visa cost, and visa rejection is not LCM's responsibility. If the visa is granted, it is valid for 10 years.

Payments can be made in Euro or USD exclusively through Paxum. Financial consultancy and accounting services are provided by LCM through partners, with separate costs borne by the model. For each payment, a $20 commission is applied for payment processing and invoice preparation or other related operations.


The exchange rate is set by LCM at -2% compared to the BNR USD exchange rate. The minimum payment amount is 2500 Lei or 500 USD to report to the minimum payment threshold, avoiding losses.

In case of early termination, LCM will request the return of the guaranteed bonus and calculated differences. The termination notice is 30 days prior to the conclusion or exit from the concept.

The contract includes a confidentiality and non-competition clause. Violation incurs a penalty ranging from $10,000 to $15,000, determined solely by LCM for Flirt4Free. It does not apply automatically; there is flexibility and room for negotiation.

Flirt4Free account

The model has the option to remain exclusively on Flirt4Free or in our exclusive Flirt4Free studios in Bucharest or Timisoara. We provide support even in the case of remote collaboration.

The Flirt4Free account is neither blocked nor protected. If the model wishes to transfer the account independently or collaborate with another studio, a non-competition clause is enforced. This clause is valid for 1-2 years after the contract's conclusion.

The contract, signed for a minimum guaranteed sum of $60,000 over 12 months, can be extended for an additional 12 months. After the initial 12 months, conditions such as the percentage are subject to negotiation. No negotiations from models are accepted during the contract period.

contract conditions

Activity will exclusively take place at Flirt Babes/LCM headquarters or locations designated by LCM. The model assigns all image rights to LCM and the Flirt Babes concept, consenting to promotional use for traffic, excluding promotion within Romania. LCM informs the model about the promotion channels used.

Loans for cosmetic procedures, implants, or car purchases are available, and repayable in installments. In case of early termination, the amount is reimbursed twice. LCM reserves the right to unilaterally terminate the contract without notice.

The model covers taxes and income-related taxes. The payment percentage is net, without hidden fees or commissions, except those announced by LCM.