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Flirt Babes

About us

Flirt Babes is a concept tailored for webcam models, providing a multitude of advantages and enjoying genuine success for over 8 years. 

The Flirt Babes concept introduces exciting new features for models, such as a new location in Bucharest and a dedicated space in Timișoara. Each group is limited to a maximum of 6 models. The advantages of being part of Flirt Babes include additional promotion and a special marketing strategy. Moreover, you can benefit from special travel programs to various locations and participate in a dedicated reality show. 

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Earings in $

History of Flirt Babes

Flirt Babes made its debut on the Flirt4Free platform in September 2015. 

Initially, it was part of a model group concept called "24/7 Voyeur" and was integrated into the "Live Cams Mansion" project. This project was broadcast live on the Flirt4Free website.

Over the years, Flirt Babes has achieved notable results in collaboration with its models. It has recorded record earnings and brought significant innovation to the webcam industry, especially in terms of the group model concept, which represented something new. 

The webcam shows featuring Flirt Babes models had a distinctive feature. They were presented as true online adult TV shows.

Flirt Babes Models

Models from Flirt Babes have recorded remarkable annual earnings, with an average of $150,000 per year for each model.

One of the iconic models within this concept, with over 7 years of experience in Flirt Babes is Nikki. Thanks to the Flirt Babes concept, Nikki has earned approximately 1 million dollars in income during her 7 years of activity.

The Flirt Babes concept has been honored with numerous awards over time. At the Live Cam Awards Gala, it won the award for Best Online Concept. Additionally, at the Flirt Summit, it was distinguished with the award for Best Online Show.

The concept was founded by Adrian I Florin (more informations about him are available at Was developed in LCM Studio ( which is part of LCM Center (

In 2024, Flirt Babes brings a remarkable innovation to the webcam industry. Chat models within this concept will participate in a reality show competition called "Epic Clash." This will be exclusively broadcasted on the Flirt4Free website. The competition will offer total prizes worth $50,000 and involve the participation of 10 models from two distinct locations, namely Timișoara and Bucharest. This reality show represents a concept that will revolutionize the entire chat industry globally.

Certainly, it is important to mention that Flirt Babes is organized as a studio or agency. However, it distinguishes itself as a concept tailored for models rather than a traditional webcam studio.


The conditions to be part of the Flirt Babes project are: knowledge of the English language, experience in the field of videochat for at least 6 months and a pleasant physical appearance.